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Board of Directors

Rebecca Lectka
Board President
United Bank
Monique Brenann
Vice President
Caledonia Resource Center
Eamar Howard
Saskatoon Golf Club
Christine Felde
Chemical Bank
Marc Dion
Board Member
Balanced Leadership Center
My purpose is to be The Coach. Doing so brings me true happiness and life to the full. I've been professionally coaching executives, business owners and leaders since 2013. Prior to that I applied my coaching as a leader in Technology for nearly 20 years. I have also coached over 27 sport teams in Soccer, Swimming, Diving and Softball.

I believe we all have a pattern of thinking that limits our abilities. My job as a coach is to break that pattern of thinking so you can achieve greater heights. Then it's to hold you accountable to do it.

What makes me unique as a coach is my ability to facilitate thought and to design complex systems by seeing the big picture . I have a good balance of listening, asking questions and when called for, being direct. I can also see how complex systems fit together, where the weakness is and the best practice to improve it.

Brady Foster
Board Member
Alliance Financial & Insurance
Elizabeth Guarino
Board Member
Kent District Library - Caledonia Township Branch
David Gregwer
Board Member
David Gregwer Agency - Farmers Insurance
Marc Dion
Caledonia Area Chamber of Commerce
Board Member